Founder + IT Navigator + Coach + Mountain Mover + Dragon Slayer



"Leadership starts with recognizing your role as the coach, mentor, and dragon slayer to the teams and team members that you lead. If you take care of your team they will move mountains for you."    

Mary Patry


General Bio + Industry Experience:

Mary is a highly accomplished IT leader and has held a variety of leadership roles in IT and consulting as both a business strategist and senior technology leader.  She left behind corporate IT leadership in mid 2013 to form her own management consulting practice targeting CIO issues and challenges. 

Backing up her decision is more than 30 years of proven IT leadership experience. Over those years, she has become known for her ability to define the strategy, design, and implementation leadership of actionable IT programs focused on increasing IT value and satisfying the needs of business stakeholders.

Throughout Mary’s career she has had the opportunity to gain expertise with consolidating and integrating processes and systems, developing world class technology functions by attracting and developing top talent and building technology services and operations in partnership and alignment with business needs. 

Mary was honored as a recipient of the 2009 Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader Award as a result of her work at the American Red Cross.  More recently, she was awarded a 2012 AstraZeneca CIO award for significant contribution to the AstraZeneca IS strategy, along with a 2012 Medimmune President award for her leadership role in the successful delivery of a $40M technology investment.  

In addition, she serves the IT Industry as a CIO Executive Council Pathways as a coach and mentor under the elite Emeritus Program. – a management consulting practice targeting the IT Leaders challenge of leading and delivering business solutions with a focus on effective people, process, and technology management.