CONFIDENCE - The enemy of fear.


There is confidence and there is arrogance.  On the surface they look similar. They are far from the same.  Arrogance can look like confidence but it is never leader like.  

A leader with confidence understands their own strengths and acknowledges their weaknesses. They surround themselves with people whose strengths make up for their weaknesses or faults.    An arrogant manager tends to hide their weaknesses by surrounding themselves with people with similar or worse faults.  They mask their lack of self-confidence with cockiness. 

Enough about arrogance, let’s talk about confidence.  

What does confidence look like?  A leader with self-confidence has a presence. They hold their head high.  They are naturally warm and engaging.  They speak with conviction and answer questions concisely and confidently.  At the same time they will readily admit when THEY don’t know something.  Their confidence is rooted in competence. 

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A confident leader will do what they believe is right, even if they know they will be criticized. This confidence enables them to take calculated risks in order achieve better results.  It allows them to admit when they are wrong or off course. They learn from their mistakes and freely share the lessons learned.  Their confidence breeds confidence in everyone surrounding them.  They are trusted as they will give credit where credit is due

At the same time they accept compliments and will express pride in accomplishments.  They have a sense of self-esteem.  There is no value in their waiting for others to acknowledge their success.  

Without confidence, people have a fear of accepting new challenges. They fear failure and avoid taking risks.  They will work hard to cover up their mistakes and either hope no one notices or worse yet – blame others. The behavior behind their fears holds them back in their career and their lives.  

Can one build self-confidence?  Yes!  It is not easy but it is achievable. 

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