Personal Recommendations: 

Mary transitioned through several posts at the Red Cross and brought to each a passion for her work, a caring yet firm approach with her people, and a mature, balanced perspective. She is especially attentive to developing people and client relations, which she builds quickly through an authentic and engaging personal style. Mary’s depth and breadth of IT experience, commitment and interpersonal skills would make her an asset to any CIO.
— CIO, Corporate / Non-profit
Mary Patry and I partnered to deliver a complex business system that many said could not be done. Mary’s passion for technical excellence and commitment to delivering business results through people, process, and technology enabled the impossible!
— COO, Not for Profit Financial Services
It is not uncommon for IT to report into the office of the CFO. It is not common for the CFO to assume an interim role as the CIO during a leadership transition period. I found myself in that uncommon place with unstable systems, customer dissatisfaction and delivery of projects and services unacceptable at the same time the IT employees were looking to me for the answers. It was at this time that I came to know Mary Patry. Her experience and capability proved invaluable as she “coached” me through the murky waters of IT resulting in developing and leading our IT transformation strategy that included the recruitment of our new CIO, stabilizing our systems, and significantly improving customer satisfaction.
— CFO, Biopharmaceutical
Mary combines the ability to create leadership and drive focus on execution. Her energy is unbound and her ability to quickly assess any given crisis situation and mobilize a resolution with the right people at the right time has never ceased to amaze me. Mary has a talent for building and healing teams, establishing positive leadership, mentoring and guiding her people with ease and tenacity that I’ve never seen before. She is business savvy and exceeding brilliant with it comes to support business customers and bringing focus to pressing priorities. If she promises, she delivers.
— CTO, National Not for Profit – an IT management consulting practice targeting the CIO's challenge of leading and delivering business solutions with a focus on effective people, process, and technology management.