The Holidays are my favorite time of year.  We kick it off with a feast at Thanksgiving, round it out with Christmas or Hanukkah festivities, toast the night away on New Years Eve and then begin again on New Year’s Day.  Each step along the way is special in it is own right.   

 It is also that time of year for reflection. Each of us hold our own meaning for the holidays as well as our own memories.  For some, holidays bring more pain that joy when we think of times gone by, loved ones that are no longer with us (either by death or other factors), and possibly the struggle over the past year and the curve balls life has thrown our way.   

 Knowing that soon we will leave this year behind to focus on the year ahead is what I love best about these holidays. Memories of past years flood my mind at random times without purpose or cause.  Thoughts of times with family and friends and the memories of our time with our children when they were young bring smiles.   

 At the same time, we are living in the present. Every moment we are making new memories that will be there for us to recall in the years to come.  We do not spend enough time taking inventory of the gifts life has offered to us.   Sometimes, the swirl of the world around us distracts us from seeing the lights in our life. 

 As I reflect on the words and phrases that highlight my thoughts these days, I wonder what your reflections are and how different my reflections are from yours? 

  •  Family and friends, our children, brothers and sisters and, most of all, my grandchildren,
    , and nephews – all the little ones who someday will rule the world
    (or push my wheel chair –
    whatever comes first) 
  • Parents and loved ones that are no longer with uswishing they were here and
    recalling memories
    of them with a smile
  • Gatherings, parties, food, and more food
  • Red and Green all over, along with trees, lights, and snowman décor everywhere
  • Picking the perfect presents forever grateful for online shopping
  • Travel and weather with hopes that one does not interfere with the other
  • Change of seasons, short days and the Winter Solstice, gleeful the days will start to grow longer  

As we move into the last few days before Christmas, remember to breathe. Then, join me in reflecting on the joys of the season and revel in its magic. It will make those holiday lights ever so bright.  

 Wishing you all a wonderful, happy, and peaceful Holiday Season!  

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