“When it comes to technology, the last thing you want to do is to be resistant to change, because that’s when you get left behind.”  – Unknown


Happy Holidays!  Christmas has passed.  I trust that everyone had a fantastic day in whatever way you chose to spend it.  Our home was particularly filled with the love of our children and our four grandchildren, ages seven, five, 2 and 10 months.  There is nothing like experiencing the wonders of Christmas through the eyes of children.  

Whew!  Now that Santa is gone, we can turn our focus to the New Year!   

With the new year in mind, I’ve gathered six articles and a report as a gift to inspire as you focus on 2019.   

12 Challenges Facing IT Professionals 


Date:  Nov. 04, 2018 

Source:  Global Knowledge 

Notable content:  

IT continues to have a poor image inside organizations. Whether it be slow response times, dictatorial actions, or software challenges, many IT departments are facing users that prefer to utilize intra-department super users for help. Combined with easily available cloud software and services, organizations experience users and groups bypassing their IT departments altogether. They find and purchase third party SaaS (Software as a Service) packages to meet their needs. 

Gartner top 10 technology trends for 2019: A comprehensive guide 


Date:  Oct 3, 2018 

Source:  TechTarget 

Notable content:  

Gartner predicted that at least 40% of new application development projects will have AI code developers on the team by 2020.  

(This is the headiest article of them all)  

IDC Top 10 Predictions for Worldwide IT, 2019 


Date:  Nov 4, 2018 

Source:  Forbes 

Notable content:  

The continual shortage of professional developers and the need to innovate smarter and faster to launch new businesses will lead enterprises to turn to a new class of developers who code without custom scripting.  IDC predicts this new class of global developers will increase the total available base by at least 30% in five years. 

What 2019 will look like | Future Forecast 


Date:  Nov. 04, 2018 

Source:  Quantumrun 

Notable content:  

Foldable phones to make a comeback in 2019, especially smartphones with foldable screens.  

(Now that was a surprise!) 

The 2019 State of IT 


Date:  Nov. 04, 2018 

Source:  Spiceworks 

Notable content:  

The need to upgrade outdated IT infrastructure is the biggest driver of IT budget increases in 2019. 


And last, but far from least,


Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2019 


Date:  Sep 11, 2018 

Source:  Forbes 

Notable content:  

Blockchain Finally Understood and Flops (kind of):  Forget everything magical I ever said about blockchain. Just kidding—kind of, but bear with me here. As we continue to explore this technological miracle worker, we’ve come to realize that blockchain is kind of a mess. It’s too complicated for lay people to use right now, and there’s no standard way to use it because we all want to use it differently. 

(Perhaps I am not alone in my attempts to get Blockchain?) 


In Closing 

What was your biggest surprise in 2018?  What do you look forward to in 2019?   

Until next time, have an effective week!   To further this week’s conversation, schedule time with me and let’s talk! 

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