Do you identify with the statement: “CIO = Big Job? Many others are right there with you, me included.  

 What does being a CIO mean to you? What challenges do CIO’s face  

 The CIO faces pressures from all sides.  

Did you know that 50-60% of newly appointed executives fail within the first 18 months of their assignments and these statistics have persisted for years? That outcome does not need to be inevitable. Success requires architecting for success, preferably before you are in the role. The good news is that it is possible to catch up.  

What drives anyone to want to be a CIO? It is a big job, it is a hard job, and it is also a great job. In my opinion, it’s the best job. In what other position can you have as deep and broad of an influence as in the CIO position?   

Let’s look at the history of this position. In the past, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) led the data processing and IS (Information Systems) departments. The focus was on transactional and operational processing. The measures of success were system availability and mean time between failure. 

Today, the job is very different. The skill set and responsibilities are worlds apart from what they were a decade or two ago. The role continues to adapt to the changing face of the modern business enterprise. In today’s tech-focused, competitive business environment, what do CIOs bring to the table?  

I can say, without gambling too much, that everyone reading this article with a CIO title has unique job requirements. The CIO job title tells us it’s an executive position dealing with the IT needs of a company. A CIO title doesn’t have the same role as an IT director who deals with the day to day tasks of keeping the lights on. Many CIOs are starting to distance themselves from operational responsibilities, but that does not mean they aren’t accountable for them.   

Today’s CIO role not only enables business capabilities. It also gives CIO’s the opportunity to innovate alongside their business peers. It may be the only executive role that has the opportunity to partner with the business in discovering the new approaches and processes that can be directly tied to business results. The depth and breadth of IT’s influence is only limited by the creativity of the CIO and the capability of the IT team.  

That is a tall order. CIO’s are business leaders partnering with the business to drive results. Join me in continuing this discussion at the upcoming CIO VISIONS Leadership Summit June 2-4 at the Red Rocks Casino Resort & Spa in Las Vegas where I will be presenting Monday June 3 at 4PM on the topic:   

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At this session, we will discuss areas not to focus on with the intent of encouragement as well as provide you with tools that you can apply immediately. I hope to see you there.  

Until next time, have a great week!  


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