As an IT leader, your focus is People, Process and Technology.  The Technology and Process is easy compared to assuring you have the right team with the right leadership capabilities in place.   You make great hiring choices, but do you have the support and resources to ensure you or your team’s success?   

 I want to help. I’ve been there many times over my career. In response to your needs, I pulled from over 40 years of my IT experience combined with the last six years as an Executive Coach to design Executive and Leadership Programs targeting the advancement of IT management and leadership capabilities.   

 The programs focus on four distinct areas and are flexible to your specific needs: 

  • IT Executive Coaching and Advisory:   Our unique IT Executive Coaching & Advisory Programs are designed to provide the IT leader with the tools necessary to achieve their visions and goals through constructive and confidential conversations. 
  • Technical Team and Group Programs:  Nothing is more exciting for individual contributors than to receive their first leadership position.  It can also be a very challenging transition. The promise of these programs is to transform the lone wolf technologist into the leader of the pack.
  • Non-Profit IT Leadership Mastermind Group:  The nonprofit IT Leader faces unique challenges in competing for budget and talent in an already tight market.  Group members support and challenge each other to set strong goals, and more importantly, help each other to accomplish them.
  • Trillium Women in IT Mastermind Group:  A collaborative twelve-month program in which a small group of women IT leaders with collective leadership experience and goals challenges each other to set strong goals, support each other, and most importantly – grow together. 

For more information visit our website:   If any of these programs resonate with you and your needs, let’s schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery session to explore which program might work best for you:[email protected]/bookings/  

 Space is limited. I have slots available for 3 Executive Coaching Clients and 2 Group or Team Programs. Team and Group Programs are limited to 10-12 participants per cohort.  

 AS A BONUS Register by November 29 to receive an early bird discount.  

 I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.  

 Thank you! 

Until next week!  


Mary Patry
IT Executive Advisor and Leadership Coach  
 480.393.0722 (AZ)
 [email protected]

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