20 Questions to Evaluate Your Team’s Alignment

20 Questions to Evaluate Your Team’s Alignment

Despite vast resources exclaiming the ease of building effective teams, leading and engaging teams remains a significant challenge in most workplaces. The added distraction of mobile devices and multi-tasking habits adds to the challenge. The following are 20 questions team leaders and participants should be asking in order to maximize their alignment and effectiveness:

  1. What is the specific, measurable goal that defines your team’s success?
  2. How aligned are the values of each team member with each other and the organization?
  3. How does the team recruit top-notch people?
  4. How clear is the value of the organization to each employee?
  5. How clear are expectations about what every team member is supposed to be doing and achieving?
  6. How well do team members know and trust each other?
  7. Do the team members offer to help each other without having to be asked?
  8. How clear is the path to results?
  9. What opportunities are there for early and ongoing small wins?
  10. How well does the team anticipate, avoid, and mitigate risks?
  11. Is communication open, honest, and transparent among team members?
  12. How well does the team acknowledge each other as well as celebrate success?
  13. How effectively does the team clear up and move forward after setbacks?
  14. Does the team know the conversations to move things forward from vision to result?
  15. Do the leaders of the teams effectively motivate each team member and each other?
  16. Do the leaders of the teams spend time with each other as a group outside of the office?
  17. How well does the team handle transitions of team members out of the team?
  18. How well does the team help new team members ramp-up and achieve performance quickly?
  19. How often do team members instinctly help each other without having to be asked?
  20. How effectively does the team learn about how it can work together better?

These are crucial questions, and the answers are not always obvious. Which of the questions resonate with you?

Even if members of a team think they are discussing the same topic, often they are having a very different conversation. While one team member might be talking about vision, another is asking about strategy, another is focused on evaluating ideas, and still another is frustrated that no one is committing to specific action steps. Also, some team members aren’t saying anything at all or are making negative comments.

Are all the members of your team engaged and on the same page?

The next time you have a team meeting, write the names of your team members across this page. Every time someone speaks, check off what kind of conversation they are having. Then you will able to see whether your team is truly aligned and on the same page, or not paying attention at all. You will also see who is dominating the conversation (often the most vocal is the one to lead a team down the wrong path), and who is disengaged.

To learn more, I invite you to download a complimentary resource – Team Meeting Assessment It is a simple assessment to evaluate the conversations different team members are having and whether those conversations move the team forward, backward, or keep them at a standstill. I guarantee it will open your awareness and generate new ideas about making your teams more effective and efficient.

Click here to download team engagement assessment tool: Team Meeting Assessment

Until next time, have an effective week!


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