Examples of Info-Tech Research Group programs and diagnostics utilized by ITeffectivity include:

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CEO-CIO Alignment Program

An IT current state assessment completed by both the CEO and CIO to achieve alignment by understanding perspectives and priorities. Our questionnaire is only 20 questions and can be completed quickly by you and your CEO.

CIO Business Vision

An IT satisfaction survey program completed by all business leaders to provide you with a scorecard to better understand current performance and business needs.

End User Satisfaction Diagnostic

An end-user satisfaction survey to gauge the sentiment and satisfaction with IT services, devices, and software.

IT Management and Governance

An IT process effectiveness and importance assessment distributed to the entire IT department to build consensus and focus improvement efforts across 45 critical IT processes.

Application Portfolio Assessment

An end-user software satisfaction survey to identify which applications need to be retired, upgraded, or better leveraged.

Project Portfolio Management Diagnostic

A project portfolio management maturity assessment to evaluate and improve the PPM practices.

IT Security Diagnostic Program

A security maturity assessment to evaluate and improve security governance, effectiveness, and business satisfaction.