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Our Targeted Services

IT Executive

Sitting at the top of the organization can be lonely.
You need a confidant to discuss the topics and challenges you are facing.  Our experienced IT Executive Leadership and Coaching approach guides you to finding the answers to the questions you did not think to ask yourself.


You have a vision for the IT organization and need help to build the roadmap to get there and sell it to the business.  Our IT Strategy service offering will guide you and your team on this important journey — defining the gaps between today and tomorrow in terms that business leadership approve.


Technology is the easy part — adoption and adaptation is hard; and defining the changes needed can feel impossible. Our approach to organizational change management lets you to achieve your strategic vision and enables your organization to thrive in today’s changing
IT landscape.

Technical Team Leadership

Nothing is more exciting for individual contributors than to receive their first leadership position. Excellent technical expertise is often what propels them into the people leader role, but it can also be their downfall. We will help.