Architecting the Technical People Leader Program

Virtual Group Coaching and Learning Experience

By Mary Patry

The February 2019 program is a capacity.  Let’s talk if you are interested in custom program. 

Are you a leader of technical people skilled in your technical practice and recently promoted into a leadership role?   Or, are you a Senior leader of technical teams who understands the power of coaching and would like to offer the coaching experience to your team leaders?  

Nothing is more exciting for individual contributors than to receive their first leadership position.  It can also be a very challenging transition, particularly if the new leader is a technology professional.  Excellent technical expertise is often what propels them into the people leader role, but it can also potentially be their downfall. 

ITeffectivity is offering a collaborative six-month program in which a small group of IT managers with common work experience, requirements, and challenges will come together to develop their management skills, learn from an experienced IT executive practitioner, and collaborate with their peers.  This program promises to transform the lone wolf technologist into the leader of the pack.

The program kicks off with a 3-hour virtual workshop in which we will identify and recognize growth opportunities.  Twelve 60-minute meeting virtual conference calls will be held over a six-month period in addition to a 9-month and 12-month check in.  Individual leadership assessments will be administered which will draw upon knowledge and insights gained from their review to elevate the perception of the leader’s performance to their leadership, stakeholders, and direct reports.  Every leader will receive 3 hours of individual access to the coach throughout the life of the program.

Who is This For:  Entry-level IT managers,  mid-level IT managers, and team leads

Where:  Zoom – virtual meetings, no travel required

Investment: $2,900 per participant, maximum group size of 12 participants

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